Tech Lust Claims an Innocent Finger

When Denver, CO area resident Bill Jordan was asked to drop by the local Apple store to pick up an iPad as a gift for a colleague, he didn’t even know what an iPad was.  Later that day, Mr. Jordan found himself a little more familiar with the device, but also missing most of his left pinkie.  As he passed through the exit doors of the mall, his shopping bag (which was intertwined with his fingers) was grabbed from behind by an unidentified thief and ripped from his grasp.  Along with the bag, the thug took most of the soft tissue from Mr. Jordan’s pinkie finger with him.

Mr. Jordan, who is left handed and will undoubtedly have some serious adjusting to do to compensate for the missing digit, was left bewildered by the incident.   When asked by a local CBS affiliate if he had a message for his assailant, Mr. Jordan offered this.  “I hope you understand what you’ve done to my life and my family’s life for a simple piece of apparatus that’ll be junk in a couple of years.”

Whether the thief was a member of the Cult of Apple who just happened to be too light in the wallet to purchase the latest offering from the Altar of Jobs, or if he was just a hood looking to make some quick cash off of a hot item, he certainly could not have imagined the outcome of his actions when he gave in to greed.  You have to wonder if he even knows how he made a painful,  indelible mark on the life of another human being.  If he does know, does he care?  Or maybe his only thoughts are about his new toy, or the temporary cash he gained from hawking it.  Either way, you can’t help but feeling very bad for a guy who was just doing a favour for a colleague, and feel very angry at someone who couldn’t deny a selfish impulse.  The moral of the story seems to be, if you’re leaving an Apple store, keep your head on a swivel!

~ by schlippo on April 22, 2010.

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