Depressed Man Tries to Feed Himself to Tigers, Gets Rejected

I can’t imagine how bad things must get in your own head before feeding yourself to a tiger becomes an actionable idea. Most people who have fought with serious, long-term depression or other forms of mental illness have flirted with the idea of suicide. In most cases, a lapse into suicidal ideation involves methods that fall into the “quick and painless” category, like carbon monoxide poisoning, intentional overdose, or a self-inflicted gunshot wound. To decide to entice a wild animal to eat you, in public no less, requires a state of mind that I can’t even comprehend. I am glad for this man’s sake that the tiger was either not hungry or generally disinterested in large, live prey. I hope he is able to get the help he deserves and finds reasons to keep living.

~ by schlippo on February 19, 2014.

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