Changes for the Better

Nobody's going to come along and get my stuck parts moving again.

Nobody’s going to come along and get my stuck parts moving again.

Consistently nicer weather is here, and I think it’s time to capitalize on that and make a change in my daily routine.  It’s time to start setting the alarm clock earlier and so I can go for a nice 45-60 minute walk before work.  Not having a commute gives me plenty of time to get out of the house and get my blood flowing and senses awakened with some physical activity.  The winter was so long and cold that it almost feels like rust has set into my joints.  I don’t have any wayward Kansan girls to fetch an oil can for me, so I guess it’s on me to increase my activity level and get my body moving again.  A morning walk will also give me a chance to flush my mind of the previous day’s stress and aggravations and start the morning off feeling refreshed and relaxed.

My diet also needs some altering.  I am a carb fiend and that definitely contributes to a little ample extra dough around the midsection.  I eat a lot of midday meals that feature bread and other carbs that could easily be replaced by a filling, protein-enhanced salad or wrap.  I’m also a sucker for potatoes and obviously I like to indulge in the liquid bread we call beer.  It would certainly be worth tapering those down a couple of levels.  The main issue I have with rebuilding my eating habits is that I do not enjoy many vegetables.  I’ll eat a pile of roots and tubers at the drop of a hat, but when it comes to things like broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, or zucchini, I’d rather pass.  With some of them, it’s a texture issue and with others its a flavor problem.  I need to be a little adventurous and find some other forms of plant matter to eat that don’t fall into the starch category.  If anyone has suggestions about good veggies and how to prepare them (i’m not a fan of raw) please leave a comment below.  Recipes are definitely welcome as well!

~ by schlippo on April 25, 2014.

4 Responses to “Changes for the Better”

  1. Learn about things like beans and chick peas. stuff like that. They are very satisfying and combined with rice make a good solid meal. Use fresh herbs. Grow some chives and parsley on your deck or in a window box. Puttering with stuff and then being able to actually eat is a wonderful experience.

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  3. Try roasting veggies, Mike. Broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, etc. “sweeten” during roasting, as the natural sugars are enhanced. As Moira said, fresh herbs also help enhance flavor, and they’re *so* easy to grow from small starter plants.

    Sugar snap peas and carrots – do a quick sauté in olive oil and a smidge of butter, season them with salt and pepper and some fresh minced thyme. The bright colors also help “please the eye”.

    • I hadn’t thought about roasting. That’s a good idea. Roasting tomatoes also helps deal with my aversion to their over-juiciness.

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